Serious business in our office

There are two common questions that popup during web development that leave businesses scratching their heads:

  1. How do we make all of the content that is supposed to fill our website?
  2. How do we make all of the content that is supposed to fill our marketing automation platform?

After spending thousands getting your website and marketing automation platform setup, you realize the work has just begun. Your secretary probably isn’t an expert on web tools and writing, but we are.

That’s where InBond Marketing comes in

We make your digital business life a little easier for you, by developing any content you need in short order.

Instead of delaying your web projects because they lack content, you can hire us to do the heavy lifting.


We can lay the foundation for your marketing automation


Everyone is battling for attention, like publisher’s battling over viewers. A publisher’s success hinges upon getting viewers to their content and businesses are no different. The internet has turned every business into a publisher. Businesses want to get visitors to buy their products or services. But, on the internet, a business is only as good as their content. The words, images and webpages that makeup a business’ website is all a customer sees until they click the purchase button.

If you’ve talked to an SEO company recently, they’ve probably mentioned the need for building more pages on your website. They might also give some pointers about having at least 300 words and most importantly, the content needs to be good.

Through good content we attract visitors, convert those visitors into leads, then convert leads to sales. You can also turn sales into more sales and tweak the process for improvement.

What is good content?

Good content is anything visitors are willing to click. You might answer a question better than anyone else, or maybe you are more entertaining than your competitors. Whatever you can do to mix up your content like pictures, video, social media, etc. will work great. Most businesses don’t have the internal resources to do these things. If you are willing to go out on a limb to entertain visitors, the reciprocal effect is powerful.

Best Practices for Best Results

The internet can provide an amazing opportunity for businesses who use best practices online. And, if you don’t, your online efforts can backfire. That’s why you shouldn’t hire an intern to do your marketing. What seems affordable can turn into a costly mess in the wrong hands. We don’t like seeing that happen, but you get what you pay for.

At InBond marketing, we have a clean track record of success. Within 6 months of regular site updates, we see at least a 20% increase in quality visitors. These visitors come to the site from places like Google and Facebook and stay for more. Many end up purchasing products or services.

There is a reason SEO companies are shifting so much of their personnel over to content, but we’ve been making content for years. Get in touch with us today to find out how we can help you get the online presence you deserve.

How do we generate content?

We will do whatever it takes to increase your organic traffic with the leads you need. Our strategy is straightforward: make a website that your target market will enjoy and they will come. Email marketing, landing pages, blog posts, you name it, we can make it. We brainstorm together and handle the rest by accessing existing content, interviews, snooping on your emails (if you give us permission) and just about any other method a journalist would use to uncover a good story. After approval, we load all of the content into your CMS (we prefer WordPress, but we’ll work with others) or your Marketing Platform (we prefer ORBTR, but Pardot, Hubspot, Infusionsoft and others will also work).


If you need a quote, we need to learn more about the needs of your project. If we lack access to an expert for interviews, we’ll need good resources to review for information. If you require legal screening because your are in the health or financial industry, the review process will take longer. If you have a custom CMS or uncommon marketing platform, we need to learn our way around. There are hundreds of variables in any content project and we’d love to hear them all. Drop us a note. We’ll be glad to be in touch.